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The music in this album takes the listener on a phantasmagorical journey; it is a cohesive adventure, yet it is meant to be abstract and have subjective interpretations.

“Swept Away” encapsulates the idea of being swept away from a friend or loved one through a bittersweet journey abroad. This also embodies being swept away internally-- visualizing and commemorating the unforgettable moments with that person, but learning to cope and move forward.

“Whirlpool II” is the fully-orchestrated version of “Whirlpool,” which was on my previous album, “The Sound of Color.” After embarking on this journey, this song abruptly begins with high intensity-- the listener feels they are aboard a ship that is about to become shipwrecked. The crew manages to survive the whirlpool and land safely. However, an unexpected twist at the last moment reveals that they are not where they should be.

“Phantasmagoria” takes the listener on an adventure through imagination, where abstract hallucinations are seen in a haunted forest. The crew will need to explore the unknown and hop aboard a mythical train to escape the horrors of the land.


In “Dead End,” the only way out of the forest is through a dark, abandoned maze at midnight, where everything is not as it seems... and time is running out.

“Valor” represents the great battle and courage in the face of great danger, as well as the triumph of success.

The forest has been escaped, evil spirits defeated, and visions ceased. Subsequently, in “Oasis,” the listener feels as though they are exploring the desert, searching for a new way home, meanwhile dealing with the loss of loved ones in the battle, and avoiding deadly rattlesnakes and scorpions along the way.

“Comets” and “Glisten” allow the listener to gaze under the stars in a safe resting place, watching them twinkle while
finding peace and solitude.


Finally, in “Forget-Me-Not,” the listener is able to travel safely back home, but will remember the incredible journey that was had, and the friends lost and created along the way.

Also available: the sound of COLOR
piano & flute

"Watercolors" by Karissa Turney - one of the happiest songs I've written; originally two separate songs which had a similar sound, so I decided to weave them together.


"I Dreamed A Dream" by Claude-Michel Schonberg - from "Les Miserables." When I saw the movie, I fell in love with this beautiful song.  I had heard the song before, but seeing the heart-wrenching context gave it deeper meaning.


"Whirlpool" by Karissa Turney - my sister, Kayla, came up to me one day and told me, "Write an epic song!"  The end product is much better than I anticipated. 


"A River Flows In You" by Yiruma - definitely one of my favorites on this CD; a beautifully flowing song.


"My Savior, My God" by Aaron Shust - a song I have always enjoyed; the lyrics remind me that God loves me, is alive, and is always there for me.


"Blooms Of Summer" by Karissa Turney - a sweet melody that reminds me of roses.


"Cry Of The Unloved" by Karissa Turney - inspired by a tragic story written by my good friend, Callie Ross-Smith.  The story, which was going to be made into a short film, told of a young girl growing up in an abusive home.


"Voice Of Truth" by Mark Hall and Stephen Curtis Chapman - a song I love; it reminds me that despite how I doubt myself, or others say I can't do something, there's only one voice that really matters: the voice of Truth!


"Thought Of You" by Karissa Turney - inspired by David, a very special person in my life.

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