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Song Book of 10 songs including 1 "spong" (spoken song),
Includes popular selections from KidsWorks Christmas musicals: Charlie & the Cherub Cheerleaders • Josie and the Jinglicious Dream Lamp • A Candy-Coated Christmas Carol • Glow In The Dark.
A Candy-Coated Christmas Carol book cover

A Candy-Coated Christmas Carol - CHRISTMAS MUSICAL

Emmaleeza Skootch, a powerful executive in the candy business, is far from being sweet! She hopes to "candy-crush" the competition with the world's best candy recipe! God sends three late-night messengers... But can Miss Skootch's heart of stone be brought back to life?

Josie and the Jinglicious Dream Lamp book cover

Josie & the Jinglicious Dream Lamp - CHRISTMAS MUSICAL

Angels have proclaimed the greatest miracle ever!  Josie, a shepherd girl, witnessed it, but her friend Micah doesn't believe it.  They travel through time with the mysterious Jinglicious Dream Lamp, sharing the news about Jesus. But will they ever make it back to Bethlehem?  Is this just a crazy dream?

Charlie and the Cherub Cheerleaders book cover

Charlie and the Cherub Cheerleaders - CHRISTMAS MUSICAL

Jesus is being born, and the angels can't wait to proclaim it!  But they disagree on how this announcement should be made. Groups of talented angels are on the set of "The Glory & Hallie Show," on Heaven's best TV station, to audition.  Who will God choose for this supreme assignment?

VoiceMessage book cover


MacKenzie is very excited to tell others about Jesus... but her sister, Max, is so distracted by her obsession with spies, high-tech gadgets and multi-media, she won’t listen! How will God’s message of love be heard? This is a job for the Secret Alliance of Voice Messengers! (that's SAV'M, for short)

Life Is Good! book cover


A young heckler interrupts a lively concert, and the kids start to wonder about when life "isn't so good."  With a wacky computer to aid them, the kids visit Eden to find where all the trouble began, and discover the real joy of the Lord.  They finally agree that "Life is Good!"

Ultimate Superstar book cover

Ultimate Superstar - NON-SEASONAL MUSICAL

It's dress rehearsal for a church talent show, led by Paula, Randy and Simone, but a misunderstanding has the kids thinking that a celebrity is coming to see them perform. Overcoming issues of pride, they finally discover that Jesus is the one and only "Ultimate Superstar!"

Praiseformance book cover

Praiseformance - SONG BOOK

We have compiled this book of fun Praise and Worship pieces from our most-requested songs out of the first three KidsWorks musical releases: Ultimate Superstar, Charlie and the Cherub Cheerleaders, and Life Is Good. These songs are for praising, not performing! It's called "Praiseformance!"


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