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Ultimate Superstar - Featuring Michael W. Smith's "Shine On Us"


performance time:

age range:

speaking parts:


Unison/2-part, easy to moderate

40 minutes

1st through 8th grade

drama - 10 kids, 2 adults (or older kids)

7 kids solos, 1 adult (or older kid) solo

"Ultimate Superstar" Book Cover
Daniel 12:3 "Those of you who are wise will shine like the brightness of heaven, and those who lead many to righteousness like the stars forever and ever."
Set during dress rehearsal for a church talent show, a misunderstanding leads the kids to think there's an "Ultimate Superstar" coming to see the show. They proceed with the rehearsal, led by Paula, Randy and Simone, thinking that a celebrity is coming to see them perform. During their acts, including a country-western dance, a comedy act, an Elvis impersonator, the worship anthem, "SHINE ON US" by Michael W. Smith, and much more, the children have to deal with issues of pride and being "good enough for a superstar". In the end they finally discover that Jesus is the one and only "Ultimate Superstar!"

The most unique feature of this musical is that since the setting is a talent show, it can be tailored to your own church. If you'd rather not do a country-western dance, have your pianist do a solo, or your men's quartet sing a little barber-shop! The sky's the limit!
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