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Praiseformance Christmas



age range:

10 songs, including 1 "spong" (spoken song)
Unison/2-part Easy to moderate
1st through 8th grade
Includes unique spoken dialog to introduce each song for use in your own Praiseformance setting.

We have compiled this book of fun Praise and Worship pieces from our most-requested songs out of our KidsWorks Christmas musical releases. These songs are for praising, not performing! It's called "Praiseformance!"
Changing the word "Performance" Into "Praiseformance" takes the focus in a totally different direction: upwards! A great reminder of Who our real Audience is, and that He deserves our very best. Includes dialog to introduce each song for use in your own praiseformance setting.
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Song Book, Demonstration and Accomp. Tracks Downloads


Song Book of 10 songs including 1 "spong" (spoken song), Includes selections from KidsWorks Christmas musicals: Charlie & the Cherub Cheerleaders, Josie & the Jinglicious Dream Lamp, A Candy-Coated Christmas Carol, and Glow In The Dark.


"Ultimate Superstar" Book Cover
"Charlie & the Cherub Cheerleaders" Book Cover


"Life Is Good!" Book Cover
"Praiseformance" Book Cover
"A Candy-Coated Christmas Carol" Book Cover
"VoiceMessage" Book Cover


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